Terms and Conditions

  1. You are expected to pay a non refundable registration sum of ₦2,000 only.
  2. You must fund your wallet before 11:59pm every Saturday if you are paying every week.
  3. If you fail to fund your wallet before 11:59 on a Particular Saturday, it will attract a 100% fine.
  4. Every member must introduce atleast one person under a particular account who must be up to 5months on the system before the account can be empowered with ₦130,000 and foodstuff.
  5. Any account on fast track must introduce five downlines under the account within 40 days of it’s registration or it will no longer be termed fast track.
  6. Fast track account downlines must be nothing less than 6 months on the system while the 5 downlines must be nothing less than 5months before the fast track account will be empowered.
  7. Uploading of fake proof of payment will lead to cancellation of an account.
  8. Every account must contribute the sum of ₦65,000 before it can be empowered
  9. Every account holder in Noble merry must buy the company branded T.shirt before the person will get his/her food empowerment
  10. Termination of account attracts a termination fine of ₦5,000
  11. No picture section, no food on the table.
  12. NOBLE MERRY EMPOWERMENT Payment is within 3 working days from the date of withdrawal application.
  13. For account change of ownership, the new owner must pay the sum of ₦5,000 before the details would be changed to the new owners.
  14. Any account taken over by a new owner will no longer be the downline of the old owner.
  15. Noble Merry contribution empowerment is after 50wks.
  16. After making payment for your registration, you have 48hrs to credit your wallet for your contribution payment or else your account will be deactivated and you will have to pay another registration money to activate your account.
  17. Note that any mistake made during your registration is at your cost, Noble Merry will not be held responsible for any of such mistakes.
  18. Any payment made in the name of Noble Merry ventures,that is not confirmed will require further investigation from the depositor which will require the depositor providing his or her statement of account and any other information that will be required by Noble Merry Ventures to further investigate the transaction.
  19. All manually uploaded transaction for wallet funding will take within 24 to 48 hours before the wallet will be funded.
  20. Any wallet funding upload after 11:59pm on saturday will attract a 100% fine payment, you are hereby advised to fund your wallet latest by 4pm every saturday
  21. You are expected to pay a clearance fee of ₦2,000 only before you can be eligible for withdrawal.

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